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Poker is the game of skill which can be mastered with proper study and constant practice. Poker is a one of the most popular game worldwide. As few people consider playing poker as hobby and some consider it as a professional. But with its engaging factors such as thrill and rewards, few players get addicted with the game and couldn’t comprehend when to stop or take a break. On contrast, players who take breaks and practices game rues sincerely are acknowledged to follow responsible gaming.

At Kalin Poker, we intend to offer unforgettable gaming experience. That’s why we possess features to regulate responsible gaming for self-regulation such as limit-setting and self-exclusion. All you need to practice following key points to ensure Responsible Gaming.


  • You should always set your limit with money that you can afford to play the poker.
  • You should also keep your playing money away from your previous poker reserve and then decide the amount in advance.
  • You should take care of all of your personal and other important tasks before playing poker so that you can play the game in relaxed manner.
  • You should also fix your hours dedicated to play the poker.
  • You should keep on taking breaks from playing poker for a while when you start losing money for successive 3-4 times.
  • You should always keep an eye on your performance so that you can realize when to take the break from playing poker.


  • You should never play poker by taking loans.
  • You should not start the poker game when you have other scheduled tasks or commitments.
  • You should not take stressful poker game or in overwhelming mood. This game of poker involves psychology and bad mind will affect your decision making skills and may affect your game as well.
  • You should never bet all of your money from the reserve in a single game.
  • You should not play poker with money required for your daily necessary expenses such as rent, bills, or other utilities.
  • The foremost rule to play the poker is never to chase, neither losses or winnings. Even if you start losing don’t try to switch to other tables with higher stakes.

Below are the responsible gaming options.

Table limits:

You can set the blind limits for the tables. Blinds can be selected from drop down. Once the limit is set, you will not be able to continue to play at the table which exceeded the applied limit. Once, the limit is placed, you wont be able to increase the limits or remove it for the coming next 7 days but you can still decrease the limits.

Tournament and SNG buy-in limits:

You can set the buy-in limits for the tournaments and SNGs. Once the limit is set, you will not be able to play any tournament or SNG whose buy-in higher than the set limit. However, if you are already registered with any such Tournament/SNG which exceeded the limits, you will unregistered automatically and your by-in amount will be credited back to your account. Similar to Table limits, you can lower your limits but can request to increase or removal of limit after 7 days of placing the existing limit.

Self Exclusion:

This option can help you in excluding you from depositing and playing any game on you can decide the time period for which you want to avoid yourself from all gaming activities. Once you are self-excluded, you will not be allowed to make any deposits and play any game, however you can withdraw your balance anytime from

In case if you are scheduled with any tournaments/SNGs during self exclusion time period then, you will be automatically unregistered from the tournaments/SNGs and the buy-in amount will be returning to your account. Self Exclusion does not apply to any “Running” Ring game hand or tournament/SNG.