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Omaha Poker is the popular poker game variant which is derived from Texas Hold’em poker. This variant needs more skills than any other poker game variants because here player is dealt with 4 cards in the game and players needs to use 2 pair of cards to make the best 5 card combination. These community cards open as they open in Texas Hold’em but a player is allowed to use only 3 of them to make his best hand.

How Omaha Poker is Different from Texas Hold’em Poker?

  • In Texas Hold’em poker, players are dealt with 2 hole cards whereas in Omaha poker players are dealt with 4 hole cards.
  • In Omaha Poker, players need to use 2 of their hole cards out of 4 hole cards to make the best possible hand.


The gameplay of Omaha poker is very much similar to the Holdem Poker with involvement of four cards. This minor change brings major consequence in the gameplay with respect to the strength of your hand. The game ends when a player makes the best five card hand but with the irremediable condition that the poker players need to use their two of his hole cards and rest three are community cards.

Basics of Omaha Poker

Before learning how to play Omaha Poker, we should know the basics terminology of Omaha Poker.

Small Blinds:-

It is the minimum bet which is pre decided for each table depending upon the stakes.

Big Blinds:-

It is the double of small blinds.


It pulls the amount on its own to match the big blind or highest bet.


It increases the bet amount in the betting round.


It makes the players to continue the game without betting any further in the same betting round. This action can be taken only when the player has managed to match the highest bet on the table.


It simply surrenders the hold cards and wait for the next hand to be dealt.

How to Play Omaha Poker ?

Once the hole cards are dealt to all players, the round of pre flop betting takes place, where each player get the option for actions to call, fold, raise. These actions begins from the left of the big blind and moves ahead in clockwise direction around the table. Big blind is the live bet which gives the player with big blind to raise the bet on his turn. The betting ends once when all the active players have placed equal bets to make the pot. Once pre-flop betting ends then the 3 flop or community cards are dealt on the table . Immediate after dealing the flop cards the, flop round of betting takes place. This round of betting is same as the betting of preflop round but here action is given to the player immediately clockwise to the button which is the position of big blind and if he has folded his cards then the next player in the same direction needs to start the betting round.

Once flop betting is finished, the “Turn” cards which is fourth community card are revealed on the table. Once the card is dealt then again betting round starts with same actions immediately in the clockwise direction of the dealer. After the Turn card betting round is finishes, the river card or fifth and final community card is dealt face up on the table. The final round of betting round kicks off as in the Turn card betting round in the clockwise direction to the dealer.


Once all betting rounds are complete, all the active players need to reveal their hole cards which is known as “showdown”. Hereby, the player with the best five card combination with two of their hole cards and three community cards is declared as the winner of this poker hands and gets the pot amount as winning rewards.