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Indian gaming and online gambling laws are quite restrictive with the central law applicable everywhere in the country except few states in exceptions. However, we have gone through edges to render the such poker games on Kalin Poker which involve the substantive gaming skills.

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 governs the gaming in India as the central law applicable across the country. The section 12 of Public Gambling Act of 1867 prohibits the functioning of any public gambling house but exempts the games of mere skill from the application of the Act. According to the Supreme Court of India the games of chance are illegal and Poker game is considered as the game of skills not the game of chance as the success in this game basically looks out for insights, knowledge, training, experience and perfection while playing hand. A game of skill where the element of skill vanquishes the the element of chance.

Poker is a game of skill as it defines all parameters sets by the Supreme Court of India. It requires strong psychological skills, knowledge of statistics & probability and strategizing skills to win a hand. Bets are placed based on calculations with statistics and probability with odds and predictable outcomes. The winner is declared with all plausible outcomes not plain luck. Poker has also been acknowledged as the game of mind international association known as IMSA.

In India, though the poker game needs the states permission for betting and gambling regulations under their distinct jurisdictions. Though, various States have implemented the anti- gambling legislations in accord with the Public Gambling Act of 1867. Still few states legislations like The Assam Game and Betting Act, 1970, Tamil Nadu Gaming Act, 1930 (Tamil Nadu Act III of 1930), and Odisha (Prevention of) Gambling Act, 1955 and Telangana State Gaming (Amendment), and the Amendment to the Andhra Pradesh Gaming Act, 1974 and the Ordinance and High Court Judgment in Gujarat, 2017 prohibits any games involving money stakes which does not consider the games of skills as exception. Thus, residents of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Telangana are not allowed to play on our gaming site, currently.