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  • Is the game of Poker legal in India ?
Yes, Poker is legal in India except few states. At Kalin Poker, we offer safe, secure and legal poker gaming environment. For more detailed information, visit us.
  • Can a student play at Kalin Poker ?
At Kalin Poker, we do not allow any Indian resident under the age of 18 years to play games on our website. We undergo with strict process of age verification by requesting the documents to verify that minors are not using the service. Any underage player who has submitted any inaccurate information regarding their true age or identity may face criminal prosecution and will give up on their winnings which would be fortified ultimately.
  • Can I create multiple accounts on Kalin Poker ?
No, At Kalin Poker, we strictly preach the ‘one user – one account’ policy. Thus, you need to choose your username wisely as even username will not be changed again. In case you have opened the multiple accounts then all additional accounts will be suspended immediately without notice and if it violation continues then your all accounts will be terminated permanently; fortifying all of your winnings.
  • Can I and my friend play the poker game at using the same wifi ?
Yes, the same wifi will render the same IP address which will not meet our anti-collusion mechanisms. Thus, you and your friend will be prohibited to play on the same cash table or same tournament.
  • What steps can I take if someone is abusing me on the table ?
Professional poker players always maintain the code of conduct for the game as well as their competitors. Thus, if someone enforces the abusive behavior, then report us on by sharing the screenshot of the chat history and User id and email. We will respond with a strict action against the person for disgruntle behavior.
  • What are the consequences of any unfair game play activity ?
We are strict against any unfair game play activity on Kalin Poker. If any player is found involved in any such activity, his account will be blocked on immediate basis and his winnings and balance will be fortified.
  • What actions should I take if I feel certain about players are colluding or chip dumping ?
If you find any suspicious activity regarding collusion or chip dumping by other players, please report us via email immediately on Please note to mention the subject of mail as ’Collusion report’ and give us all the relevant details. We need to know the names of the alleged users, the time of play and on which table(s) they colluded. If evidence of collusion or unfair play appeared to be true then Kalin Poker will freeze reprobate's accounts and proceed for legal actions for violating the end user agreement.
  • How can I sign up on ?
You need to follow simple steps as mentioned below
Step 1: Visit our website at
Step 2: Click ‘Sign Up.’
Step 3: Fill all required fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email ID, unique UserName and Password.
Step 4: Check on ‘I agree with T&C’ and click ‘Next.’
Step 5: Enter your mobile number and click on Send OTP, an OTP will be sent on the mobile number and enter the OTP (valid for 5 minutes) and then press submit.
Step 6: You are successfully signed with Kalin Poker.
  • How do I reset my Password ?
To reset your password, you need to follow the mentioned steps.
Step 1: Please visit and click on ‘’Login’.
Step 2: A form will appear as pop up, click on ‘Forgot Password?’ link mentioned there.
Step 3: Again another form will appear on the same browser. Enter your registered email ID and click ‘Submit.’ We will send you an email with a clickable link in it.
Step 4: Please open that email and click on the weblink. This will open a new window in your browser.
Step 5: Enter your new Password and confirm it and then click ‘Submit.’
Step 6: You can now login your account with updated password our website or app.
We suggest you to keep changing your Kalin Poker account’s password on every 72 days or earlier to take security measures.
  • What should I do if I do not receive password reset link.
You don't have to worry about not receiving passowrd reset link as our dedicated poker game servers respond to password reset requests promptly. You need to wait for short period of time and even if you are unable to find the mail in your inbox then you need to check your Spam and/or Junk folder for the reset link. In case, the issue still persists, then please send us an email at from your registered email ID.
  • How do I change my Password ?
You can change the password effortlessly.
Step 1: Please visit and login in your Kalin Poker account.
Step 2: Click on 'Profile' Section.
Step 3: Go on Change Password field and click on '+' icon.
Step 4: The drop box will reveal the fields to be filled with 'Current Password', 'New Password' and then 'Re-Enter Password'
Step 5: Click ‘Submit.’
Step 6: Your account will be reset with new Password.
  • Q5. Can I change my User Name (or User ID) ?
No, we are afraid but you cannot change your USER ID that you chose while registering for Kalin Poker for security concerns.
  • Q6. Can I change my Avatar ?
Yes, You can change the avatars easily.
Step 1: Please visit and login in your Kalin Poker account.
Step 2: Click on 'Profile' Section.
Step 3: Go on User Info and click on 'Upload' button to upload new avatar.
Step 4: Choose your avatar and click on "open" to submit your desired avatar
Step 5: You have your new avatar ready for your account.
  • How to complete the KYC on Kalin Poker ?
Step 1: Please visit and login in your Kalin Poker account.
Step 2: Click on 'Profile' Section.
Step 3: Go on Profile Detail and enter your profile details with address and update your PAN card number.
Step 4: Send the soft copy of your pan card and address proof to Step 5: Once verified, your KYC will be completed.
  • What is Play Money ?
At Kalin Poker, we have devised new way to train newbies to learn how to play the poker game on our website or app using virtual token. This virtual token is known as Play Money. It is only used to practice the poker game. Player cannot withdraw the winnings from the play money.
  • How can I view my Transaction History ?
You can view your transaction history in a simple way.
Step 1: Please visit and login in your Kalin Poker account.
Step 2: Click on 'Transaction History' Section.
Step 3: Your transaction history is sorted with Deposit Chips Transaction, Cashout Transactions, All Transactions.
  •  What are the minimum system requirements to play poker on ?
The required system requirements are given below: Processor - min. 650MHz processor. CPU - Pentium 4 & above. RAM - min. 256 MB but 512 MB (and above) is recommended. and fast Internet Connection
  • What do I do if I get a "Session Expired" message while playing on ?
All you need is to do is to reload or refresh the page when you see a "Session Expired" message while playing on
  • Why I was logged out when I was away for a while ?
While you were away, you were inactive, even for a short while, we automatically logged you out for security concerns. You can login again to continue.
  • What will happen to my chips balance as I got suddenly disconnected while playing on a table ?
Generally, disconnection happens because of poor speed of internet connection. Once your network is restored then, you will be reconnected to the game and you can resume to play on your tables. In case your network issue is not resolved, then you will be withdrawn from the table automatically and your chips balance will be safe.
  • How can I stay updated with latest promotions on Kalin Poker ?
We keep sending alerts for latest promotions via SMS and Emails to all the existing players.
  • Can I use multiple promo codes for single deposit ?
No, you can only use one promo code for one deposit at a time.
  • How can I make deposit to my Kalin Poker account ?
It takes no effort to make deposit money in your Kalin Poker account to play poker. You need to follow these simple steps: Visit and log in your account. Complete your KYC Click on "Deposit Chips" button. Enter the amount and select the the payment method (Credit Card / Debit Card / Netbanking / Online Wallet/ Pay By UPI) and agree to the terms and conditions. Click to proceed. Complete the transaction on the payment gateway site. You will be return to your account home page once your payment is finalized. You can see the updated amount under the Total Chips Available in "Account" section. You shall receive an email on your registered email ID indicating the successful transaction of the deposit.
  • What payment options are available ?
At Kalin Poker, we accept payments by Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Netbanking, Wallet, and Pay By UPI.
  • What to do in case updated deposit money is not reflected in my account ?
This may happen because of issue with bank’s gateway. Rest assured, your amount is safe, it is debited from your bank account but is not credited in your Kalin Poker account. The amount be refunded to you by your bank. This process generally takes 5-7 working days for the refund.
  •  How can I place withdraw request for my money ?
Kalin Poker offers transparent Withdrawal process. You need to place your withdrawals requests before 6 am on any given day except weekends and bank holidays to get it processed very same day. The chosen amount is deducted from player's Kalin Poker account instantly and restrict the player from using the amount to play the poker. You need to follow the following steps. Login to your Kalin Poker account Click on Withdraw Chips, fill in the amount and bank details. Note:- To raise a withdrawal request the KYC must be completed.
  • How soon I can get my withdrawal ?
Your withdrawal request submitted before 6:00 AM then it gets processed and approved by end of the next calendar day. • The bank generally processes the request on the same day and the money is credited to your bank account latest by evening or by the next working day. • Withdrawals process usually takes maximum 7 days.
  • What documents should I provide to make a withdraw request ?
Kalin Poker reserves the right to ask its users to submit their documents for KYC purpose at any time. Email and mobile number verification is compulsory for all users who make a Withdrawal request. It includes your PAN CARD/ AADHAR CARD/ DRIVING LICENSE/ PASSPORT for verifying your identity with your bank account details.
  • Are there any withdrawal charges ?
No, we, at Kalin Poker do not charge for withdrawals.
  • What if I don't receive the Withdrawal amount in my bank account ?
You can always contact our support team (dial 8851191072 or e-mail us at and they'll assist you from there. Keep a soft copy of updated bank statement in case of online withdrawal will make the process faster.
  • Is there any minimum deposit or withdrawal amount required to put withdrawal request ?
Please note player need to make the deposit minimum amount of INR 100 for once in your Kalin Poker account to make a withdrawal possible. • The minimum amount for withdrawal is INR 500.
  • Why I am unable to place the request for withdrawal more than once at a time ?
We practice and preach single cash out rule. At Kalin Poker, player can place only one withdrawal request at one time. The player can place next withdrawal request only when the previous one is completely processed.
  • Which variants of Poker game can I play on Kalin poker ?
At Kalin Poker, we offer popular poker game variants for you which are Texas Holdem and Omaha Poker.
  • How to make buy-in on cash table ?
Login your Kalin Poker account Click on Instant Play Select the table. Choose a seat and a buy-in popup will open. Choose the amount you want to sit with and start playing.
  • Does Kalin Poker have its own App and Software ?
Yes, Kalin Poker has its own app and software. You can download and install Android App and iOS app from the
  • I was playing on a cash table and the table got closed. Where is my Buy-Out amount ?
This may happen due to a technical glitch, but we can sail you out. In case it is issue from server, then we will release all stuck payments as soon as we restart our server. You can also share the Hand ID of the table to get the Buy-Out credited manually.
  • What is Dealer Button ?
The Dealer Button is starts the proceeding for all poker games be it live or online poker. It moves in a clockwise manner from its starting position. The player with a dealer button is the last person to place the bet and last one to receive the dealt card.
  • Can I view my game statistics and hand history ?
Yes, you can view these figures by clicking on the “Account” Sections.
  • Do I need to pay rake online ?
Yes, we do charge a nominal fee/ rake as service providers to its users like other online poker game platforms.
  • When does a player sit out ?
‘Sitting out’ means allowing players to take a short break(s) from the game. Sitting-out in Cash Games: If a player has opted to ‘sit-out’ and does not return to the cash game table within two hands, the kalin poker eliminates the player from his seats and allot his seat to another waiting player.
  • What happens if I get disconnected in the middle of a Hand ?
Disconnection from the cash game may occur due to several reasons and consequently which ultimately make the player avoid any kind of action on time. To resolve this issue, we allot 60 seconds more to get connected again and resume the hand. If the player gets connected with the game successfully in the allotted time, an extra 10 seconds will be allotted to the player. If the player is still fails to connect, then his default action will be ‘check’. If checking isn’t allowed, his cards will be folded so that the other players can continue playing the hand. If a disconnected player does not return within 2 hands, he will be replaced with another waiting player on the table.
  • What happens if the system crashes in the middle of a game ?
If the Kalin Poker game server crashes in the middle of a hand, then the balance of all the participants will be restored to what they were at the beginning of the hand, declaring the hand as misdeal with all the blinds, antes and bets placed in that specific hand returned to the corresponding players.
  • What are your Chat rules ?
We preach strict and inflexible approach towards ethics, code of conduct for poker players. Our software is developed in such way where it automatically avoid the usage of certain words from being typed in the chatbox. If any player is reported making unpalatable remarks will be warned for the first time and his account may be frozen, if found repeatedly. You can report any player involved with such offending derogatory activity at with their userid, chat screenshots, etc..
  • Can I play on multiple table at one time on ?
Yes, We allow you to play on Four tables simultaneously at Kalin Poker on Desktop and Two tables simultaneously on mobile.